About us

Our pathway dates back to 1979 when the founder, Angelo Barsotti, established in Italy a subsidiary of a notorious english company, worldwide leader and main manufacturer of curtains hanging systems both in aluminum and UPVC. Three years later and after building up a rock-solid experience, Angelo split from the main company in order to create his own brand. At the same time he registered the first international patent by the “Brookes Martin and Wilson” in Birmingham. From that moment onwards, the company continually develops and improves its curtains and window covering's production, abiding by high-quality standards. The company's framework was strengthened and enhanced along the years, since Angelo's sons, Giuseppe and Alessandro, joined the company introducing significant design and planning changes to modernize it. Right in 1998 a brand new branch was established (“Linea Decorativa”), specialized in curtains rods production.

These halfway steps bring us straight to 2010 when AGB Design was created. AGB's main goal is to delivering a spotless, personalized and overarching service in the curtains sector, including customized advices to the client up to the final set-up and installation of the curtains on the spot. We do mostly address shipbuilding, hospitality and residential sectors.

Throughout the years AGB Design consistently invested in Research & Development in order to attain a wide spectrum of motorized drapery rods whose quality and dependability is flawless. Moreover, in order to entirely fulfill our clients needs and expectations as well as to develop fully equipped and modern products, we have been extensively widening our partner's network, teaming up with the main companies within the curtains sector.